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Schaefer Sailing Shackles

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Schaefer Sailing Shackles

Schaefer offers several types of Shackles to suit your needs. All manufactured from the highest quality Stainless Steel rely on any of our wide variety of shackles to suit your needs.

Drop forged Schaefer Bow Shackles are inbowed in to offer an increased body width that provides a large surface contact area for spliced line and thimbles. These type 316 Stainless Steel shackles are all provided with a cross hole for safety wire boats.

Drop Forged Schaefer D Shackles are made from type 316 Stainless Steel. Each shackle features a threaded pin with a drilled cross pin hole to accommodate safety wire.

Schaefer Snap Shackles allow quick release of loads when pin is pulled. These snap shackles are designed for maximum strength with smooth, jam free operation. Schaefer's enlarged throat and hing area handles shear and twisting movements effectively. The smooth shackle arc prevents jamming against pad eyes or sail grommets to permit easy attachment and release. Sure-realease action results from a positive stop plunger pin with shear-proof pulling ring and accurately aligned deep slot hinged designed.

Schaefer Twist Shackle bodies are forged with a built-in twist that when mounted on bails or pad eyes, helps align the pin axis in relation to the matched block being used. Drop forged from type 316 Stainless Steel, each threaded pin has a cross hole for safety wire.

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