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Sailing Gloves

Whether you are a driver holding a wheel in cold weather, a trimmer holding a sheet or at the mast jumping a Halyard as quickly as possible, the right sailing gloves can make all of the difference in both comfort and performance. At MAURIPRO, we carry high quality, durable sailing gloves from top brands.

About Gill Sailing Gloves
Gill makes sailing gloves for all conditions and types of sailing. The Gill Grip sailing gloves are affordable and are great for dinghy sailors or bowmen jumping halyards on larger boats. Gill deckhand sailing gloves are a good value inexpensive sailing gloves and are available in short and long finger versions. Gill Championship Sailing gloves provide excellent grip, flexability and comfort and dura-grip fabric to provide greater durability. The Gill Pro Sailing Gloves are designed to be the ultimate in durable sailing gloves for those sailors that seem to go through a pair of gloves every few regattas.

Gill also makes several types of sailing gloves for cold weather sailing. The Gill Neoprene winter gloves are a great option for dinghy sailors sailing in cold water, cold weather conditions. The Gill Three Season Sailing Gloves are a great option for for fall, winter and spring sailing with 1.5mm neporene. The Gill Helmsman gloves are a great option for skippers on large boats sailing in the winter.

About Harken Sport Gloves
Harken Sport makes sailing gloves designed for specific crew positions and sailing conditions, our sailing gloves provide the ideal combination of dexterity, abrasion-resistance and grip.The Harken Reflex performance full finger gloves are a responsive performance sailing glove designed for active line handling in all conditions. The Harken Spectrum Sailing Gloves are a great value sailing glove and a available in blue and the popular women's pink sailing glove.

About Ronstan Gloves
The Ronstan Sticky Race Sailing Gloves is available in short and long finger versions and features Arma synthetic leather for increased durability and grip.

About Rooster Gloves
Since 2014 Rooster has been making improvements to their gloves and now they're better than they have ever been on all fronts. Rooster has constructed a range of gloves that are of the highest quality and offer the best performance. Designed with tough neoprene, Rooster's range of sailing gloves offer maximum protection from the wet environment and also blocks the cold bite, all while maintaining comfort and flexibility. If you're a sailor and are looking for feel, then Rooster's Tactile Gloves provide the best feedback in terms of "feel" and the Pro Race offer better grip.

About SEA Gloves
SEA gloves embrace innovation and clever design. Through the utilisation of cutting edge materials that provide grip, dexterity and durability the current comprehensive range once again raises the bar.

About Zhik Gloves
The Zhik Sticky Sailing Glove is in a more durable fine wrinkle latex. Liner is now grey in colour to keep you cooler. The new rubber coating gives a durable finish while maintaining a light weight for high sensitivity and dexterity.

Sailing Gloves