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Cam Cleats & Cleats

For the small solution for holding ropes, the cam cleat is the way to go. Just run the line through the cleat and pull the rope down towards the base of the cleat to engage the cleat. To release, just pull the rope off the base and out of the cleat. Fairleads are available to keep your line by the appropriate cleat. These cleats are widely used in dinghy class boats for the jib and can be used on large boats to hold fine tuning lines. Install a Harken cam cleat with an X-Treme Angle FairLead to sheet in from whatever angle you are from the block. We at Mauri Pro Sailing provide technical assistance with helping you make the right choice of Cam Cleats & Accessories.

About Harken Cam Cleats

Harken Cam Cleats come in several sizes and configurations. The Harken Standard Cam cleat is used as the basic component for several harken cleating components. The Harken Cam Cleat is available in standard aluminum and lightweight carbo versions. In addition, there are also micro and offshore sized Harken Cam Cleats for line sizes and applications that fall outside of the specifications of the original Harken Cam Cleat. The Double Spring Version of the Harken 150 Cam Cleat features an extra spring for extra holding power. Harken Cam cleats are also built into several products such as mainsheet swivels, pivoting lead blocks and traveller car systems.

Harken Micro Cam Cleats hold lines securely and release instantly under load. With a downward flick of the wrist, the sheet snaps into the cam—and stays exactly where you want it. Pull up, and the cleat immediately releases. Smooth teeth grip line of all sizes including the smalldiameter hard line preferred by racers.

Harken Aluminum Cam-Matics are hardcoat-anodized for high-load, high-wear, continuous adjustment applications. The PTFE surface of the aluminum Cam-Matic improves the cleat’s fast line engagement. Available in Micro, standard and Offshore sizes.

Harken Cam Cleat Accessories allow an unlimited number of fairlead and mounting options to match any deck layout or cleating need.

About Ronstan Cam Cleats

Ronstan makes a range of cam cleats for several requirements including jub sheets, mainsheet cleating and control lines. Ronstan Cam cleats were developed using ntensive efforts have produced this range of cleats that provide unbeatable holding power, yet are designed for easy cleating and releasing of control lines in every application and load condition. Through the use of advanced composites, Ronstan Cam cleats achieve superior performance while overcoming the limitations of metal alloys. Ronstan cam cleats are strong, light and corrosion free. The unique tooth profile and cam geometry are designed to grip without damaging the rope.

About Lewmar Cam Cleats

Lewmar Cam Cleats are Made from state-of-the-art materials developed by the automotive industry and refined for the marine market, cam cleats from Lewmar enhance performance in durability, strength and lubrication.Â

About Karver Cam Cleats

Karver Cam Cleats are made to fit into the standard hole spacing of standard Harken 150 cam cleats. They are designed to work well with lines ranging fro 5/32 inch to 7/16 inch.

About Spinlock Cam Cleats

Spinlock Cam Cleats are designed to be the easiest cleat to release. The PXR Cam Cleat is a compact roller action cam cleat for easy release of high performance controls and mainsheets. Fast, precise control for hard tensioned lines.

Cam Cleats & Cleats