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Anchoring & Docking

Safety Straps will prevent the Anchor from deploying if the Anchor is unintentionally released or powers out accidently. It is simply clipped on the chain, shackle or Anchor. They do not secure (hold tight) the Anchor in the bow roller.

Bow Rollers from Garhaur and Lewmar. Bow rollers from both brands will assist with providing a low friction surface for you to store and drop anchor while avoiding damage to the deck or tops of your boat. In addition to protecting your boat, Bow rollers allow you to deploy your anchor at short notice, allowing you to visit more anchorages and explore more locations with your boat. They also provide a fair lead for anchor rode, preventing excessive wear and tear on the line and the boat. When installing a Bow roller on a sailboat, it is important to consider the location of the forestay, furler, pulpit and bowsprits.

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Anchoring & Docking