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About a Davis Hand Bearing Compasses
Using these Davis precision marine hand bearing compasses, you can easily obtain quick magnetic bearings on shore or floating objects. Obtain a bearing simply by aligning front and rear sights on an object and reading off bearing.

About a Edson Compass Bowl Bases
Are ideal for installations where there is limited space on the pedestal for the compass or the compass needs to be mounted away from instruments that may cause magnetic deviation.

About Plastimo Compasses Contest 130
The perfect card stability and exceptional magnification of the Plastimo Compasses Contest 130 give the user an unparalleled quality of reading, by day or by night. The Contest 130 remains perfectly legible from a 5 m distance. The bracket version Contest 130 is particularly suitable for boats with enclosed cockpits. The bracket allows the compass to be mounted in any position and is also removable instantly.

About Ritchie Navigation Compasses
Despite the advancement of electronic navigation, the compass remains the cornerstone of any navigation system. Only by coordinating the use of electronic and magnetic navigation can boaters achieve optimal navigation safety, efficiency and effectiveness.