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Canvas & Covers

Canvas & Covers

To keep your boat in great condition, it is recommended to cover your boat when you are not using it. Using canvas and covers on your boat will protect it from UV damage, dust and rain while you are away. It is also very important to keep your boat covered while traveling as it will keep rocks or other small debris from getting kicked up and scratching your hull while you are in transit. Canvas and covers should be rinsed off periodically to keep algae, dust and insects off of the cover, extending the life of the cover.

Mainsail Covers:
We at MAURIPRO Sailing store are proud to provide our own line of sail covers that are designed to fit over your existing boom and mainsail. These mainsail covers are made to order at the specified measured length of the flaked stack on your boom. These MAURIPRO mainsail covers are made of Acrylic fabric which will protect the mainsail from UV and weather damage while you are away from your boat.

Sheet Bags and holders:
The idea of a rope bag is to keep large sheets from being loose on deck, which is where a line can get tangled, trampled or caught on sailboat hardware and sailor's alike. The rope bag will also give the deck a clean look when going out on cruises and can be used to conveniently store winch handles or even a cup holder next to the winch for the sheet. These sailboat sheet bags can also be used to store sheets and protect them from UV damage when covered properly. Sailboat rope bags can be attached in one of three ways. Either the rope bag can be attached using a bolt in attachment on which you would hang the bag. The other attachment for a rope bag would be to use a hook and loop fastener. Similar to Velcro, the hook and look provided with the sheet bag will hold the bag as needed on the deck. The sheet bag can also be attached using snaps that are fastened onto the hull using a screw. The sheet bag will also fasten in using the corresponding sewn in snap.

Maintaining Sailboat Sheet Bags and Mainsail Covers:
Proper maintenance of sheet bags and mainsail covers is highly recommended to ensure a long lasting canvas cover. Sheet bags and mainsail covers should be rinsed periodically to clean off dust and debris. This maintenance is especially important when your rope bags and covers are exposed to a salt water environment as salt will build up and form salt residue and eventually crystals on the fabric.

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