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Rope Clutches & Jammers


At Mauri Pro Sailing, we carry a Sailboat Rope clutch, rope jammer or cleat to meet every line holding need. For dinghies and light loads on keelboats we carry cam cleats from top manufarturers such as Harken, Karver, Lewmar, Ronstan and Spinlock. To hold heavy loads without wearing lines we offer a complete line of sailboat rope clutches and rope jammers.

About Sailboat Cam Cleats

For the small solution for holding ropes, the cam cleat is the way to go. Just run the line through the cleat and pull the rope down towards the base of the cleat to engage the cleat. To release, just pull the rope off the base and out of the cam cleat. At Mauri Pro Sailing, we carry a wide assortmant of cam cleats for sailboats. From the basic Harken 150 cam cleat to models with built in fairleads,micro cam cleats, offshore cam cleats and cam cleats with bases and swivels, we have your rope holding needs covered. In addition to complete cam cleats from Harken, Lewmar, Carver, Ronstan and Spinlock we also carry cam cleat repair kits and various cam cleat parts and accessories. for a cam cleat that can work with any sheeting angle, check out the Harken extreme angle camcleat, available as a complete cleat and as an upgrade for the Harken 150 cam cleat.

About Sailboat Rope Clutches

Rope clutches allow lines to be released under load, while still holding high loads and being gentle on lines. Lewmar Rope Clutches have redefined rope clutch technology with a variable geometry handle and unique grip pattern of dominos that prevent rope fray. This revolutionary new rope clutch system has been independently tested time and again and has won awards for its innovative framework. The Domino Cluster and longer holding pattern holds line under load without fraying the rope. The clutch handle has a solid link to the domino cluster. The pull of the handle combined with the patented clutch and release mechanism provides controlled release even at full holding load. 

ANTAL CAM 611 rope clutches are made for line 6 to 10 mm. Antal rope clutches are available in single, double, and triple as well as a horizontal versions. The clutch has a box structure in UV-resistant resin with steel reinforcements, an extruded aluminium base, wear-resistant bronze cam mechanism, and stainless steel aligning bushing. A great feature of the CAM 611 rope clutch is that it can be completely dismantled for simple maintenance. Line retreival can be easily achieved with the clutch lever closed, and the cam mechanism guarantees easy opening even under heavy load.

Spinlock XTS Rope Clutches are specified as standard on larger product yachts worldwide and the choice of rope clutches for racing yachts inshore and offshore. This clutch features an extruded alloy handle with a soft end grip and the user has the ability to secure the handle in an open or closed locked position. The most current version of the XTS rope clutch has an identical footprint to the original version making it simple to upgrade. The two version of this clutch offer a wide line diameter range, 6 - 10 mm and 8 - 14 mm.

About Sailboat Rope Jammers 

Rope Jammers are able to hold the highest loaded lines on a sailboat and are kinder on ropes than clutches. Rope Jammers require being unloaded with a winch. We at Mauri Pro sailing offer Rope Jammers to suit every boat and load requirement.

Spinlock ZR Jammer is a winch release jammer. This new generation "hands free" Z rope jammer technology is for production yachts. It has the ability to hold three line sizes including 10, 12 and 14 mm ropes. The Spinlock ZR Jammer can hold 50% more line load than the Spinlock XTS clutch. The footprint of the Spinlock ZR jammer matches that of the Spinlock XX clutch that allows for a simple upgrade for higher loads or release functionality. This particular rope jammer is kinder on ropes than a clutch. Can be used with the Spinlock remote RLB spring technology to allow the jammer to be primed for release using the GRIP switch. The Spinlock ZR rope ammer is recommended for highly loaded halyards where precise line tension is critical, applications where the ability to release under load is not required, and reducing the risk of crew injury from accidental release of the highly loaded line. It is not recommended for uses where the line needs constant adjustment, any lines that must be instantly releasable under load, or for use with smaller line diameter racing applications.

pinlock ZS Power Jammer's intended use is for high loads. The ZS rope jammer is perfect for for larger diameters and high loads with the advantage of winch controlled release. The new digitally modelled jaw surfaces hold high tech rope securely at its safe working load of up to 4000 kg (8820 lbs) for the largest version. The Spinlockl ZS jammer has been newly styled to match the XTS, CXS, and XX clutches. In addition to the new look, the performance on smaller diameter lines and handle ergonomics have improved.

The Spinlock ZS rope jammer is also available in an Open Power Jammer version that is a mobile high load jammer. This rope jammer is the essential solution for peeling spinnakers, headsails and reefing. The Spinlock ZS Open Jammer is unbeatable in an emergency. The ZS Open jammer can be easily attached to any strop point with a strop. The hinged body can be opened and closed like a snatch block. It's purpose is to act as an emergency line clamp in case of winch or other hardware failure, jammed halyards, riding turns or damaged lines.

Rope Clutches & Jammers