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Sailing Footwear

Sailing & Boating Shoes
Traditional style boat shoes look great everywhere. Wear them on the boat, in the clubhouse, at home, or around town. Many new boat shoes feature traditional nautical styling as well as modern performance features such as improved grip, non-marking soles, and breathable materials. While the Sperry Topsider boat shoe may be the one most people think of, boat shoe designs from sailing gear outfitters like Gill and Zhik deliver just as well on traditional looks and modern performance.

Performance Sailing Shoes
For the competitive keelboat and one design sailor, performance sailing shoes are designed to grip in wet conditions and provide comfort and support. Athletic sailing shoes are designed for the modern racing sailor (or cruiser) who spends their time running, jumping, hiking, and trimming in the most demanding sailing conditions. With solid performance sailing shoes you won't have to worry about losing your footing during critical moments in the race. In addition to grippy soles, athletic sailing shoes feature lightweight construction and highly breathable materials.

Dinghy Boots
Grip better, tack harder, and hike longer with a good pair of dinghy boots. Hard-soled sailing boots, such as the Gill Hiking Boot, Ronstan Race Boot, and Sperry SeaHiker, provide extra support for hiking and for catching the toe strap on aggressive roll tacks and gybes. Zhik's high cut side-lace boots are designed to "lock in" to their toe-straps for maximum hiking support. Soft-soled sailing boots like the Gill Skiff Boot, Gill Trapeze Boot, and Zhik Ankle Boot make it easier to grip the side of the boat for trapeezing on dinghies, cats, and skiffs, and provide better feel for scrambling across wings or nets during high-speed maneuvers.

Offshore Yachting Boots
A must-have for the serious offshore racer or cruiser. Waterproof offshore sailing boots provide support and protection against the elements, as well as excellent grip for when the water turns rough and the deck gets wet. High-end offshore sailing boots feature insulation for warmth, heavy duty construction, and grippy soles rivaling the performance of the top athletic sailing shoes.

Water Shoes for Boardsports
Designed for watersports such as SUP, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. Neoprene water shoes help keep your feet warm for cold water sessions, while a soft sole allows for maximum flexibility and grip. Split toe designs further increase grip and feel on the board. NP boarding shoes feature bamboo-charcoal fabric woven in to the lining for superb antimicrobial and anti-odor properties.

Flip Flops
Perfect for beachwear and a relaxed marine lifestyle, sailing-inspired flip flops are cool and comfortable. Flip flops from Sperry mimic their sailing shoe technology while keeping the design lightweight, minimal, and appealing.

You wouldn't wear a cotton t-shirt under your offshore jacket, so why wear cotton socks with your sailing shoes? Athletic style sailing socks provide comfort and moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry. Neoprene socks provide an extra layer of warmth for wet winter sailing. Moisture-wicking wool sailing socks keep your feet warm inside your waterproof sailing boots or drysuit while wicking moisture away.

Sailing Footwear