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Sailboat Headsail Foils

At Mauri Pro Sailing, we strive to give you the tools you need for the perfect headsail hoist everytime. Whether you need the full headstay kit or just the individual pieces, we can provide the top of the line parts from Harken and Tuff Luff to make for a more efficient hoist, douse or sailchange. Designs presented on the site vary in size for the headstay of your boat, giving you a perfect fit for your low-friction foils. We provide technical assistance to help you make the right choice for your Headsail Foils.

About Harken carbo Racing Foils

The engineering of the Harken Carbo Racing Foils resins in these strong, lightweight head foils offer significant advancements over the weaker PVC materials used by other manufacturers. The low-friction twin headsail grooves are ultra-smooth, allowing hoists, douses, and headsail changes to be easily and efficiently executed. Impact resistance is unmatched, with far less foil damage from loaded spinnaker poles, especially in cold weather. Heat has little effect on stiffness. Foils are UV protected and easy for the trimmer to see. For mast-up installation, simply uncoil the foil and snap onto the stay.

About the Tuff Luff Aero Headsail Foil

Tuff-Luff Aero represents a major evolution of slotted headstay foil systems. Its unique aerodynamic shape provides at least 9% more lift. Faster wind reattachment to the sail with less turbulence is also a benefit of the patented teardrop shape. If you have the need for speed, you have a need for Tull Luff Aero. Engineering for high impacts eliminates the need for bumpers. Custom polycarbonate material is lighter, stronger and more durable than comparative systems. The Tuff Luff Aero Headsail Foil is wind tunnel tested to make a shape that lowers air friction, enhancing sail performance.

About the Tuff Luff Headsail Foil

Tuff Luff complete Headstay Systems include extrusions, feeder, pre-feeder-lanyard and complete instructions. Tuff Luff foils feature Precision engineered feeders, made of high quality 316 stainless steel, fit neatly over the finished Tuff Luff foil. The feeder guides the sail luff into the extrusion for a flawless hoist every time. Replacing your Tuff Luff foil is literally a snap. Tuff Luff's offer spare extrusions for every system, cut to standard lengths. The foil bottom is finished to accept the feeder.

Sailboat Headsail Foils