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Spinnaker & Whisker Poles

We at Mauri Pro Sailing understand how vital it is to keep the right spinnaker shape during your downwind leg. We carry an assortment of custom aluminum and carbon spinnaker poles for all sailboats as well as premade one design spinnaker poles. Spinnaker Poles are priced based on the diameter of the pole and can be made to any exact finished length that is specied. On most boats the ideal spinnaker pole finished length is equal to the boat's J dimension, the distance from the mast to the bow. Technical assistance is available to help you find the right Spinnaker Pole for your symmetrical spinnaker.

About Forespar Spinnaker Poles

Forespar makes custom length Spinnaker poles for boats of all sizes. Forespar Aluminum Spinnaker poles are an excellent option for cruising and racing boats. Forespar spinnaker poles are available in diameters ranging from 1.5 inches to large poles with a diameter of 3.5 inches. For Racing boats looking for strong, lightweight spinnaker poles, forespar custom and one design carbon spinnaker poles offer an excellent spinnaker pole handling solution. Custom Carbon Poles are available with several options regarding bridles and finishes.

Forespar UXP spinnaker pole end fittings are common on small boats and are ideal for one bowman end to end gybes. They are tripped by a common trip line allowing both the mast end and the guy end of the spinnaker pole to be tripped at the same time. UXPend fittings feature an angled closure that allows the spinnaker pole to be attached to the mast by pressing it against the ring, removing the risk of the guy coming out of the jaw when the spinnaker pole is clipped on.

Forespar UTR spinnaker pole end fittings are popular on midsized boats. UTR spinnaker poles open when tripped using a trip line and remain open until they are trigged to close by the mast ring or the spinnaker guy. For larger boats that use the dip pole method of gybing, spinnaker poles with a UTR end fitting on the outboard end and a UTS socket style spinnaker pole end fitting on the inboard end are common.

About Spinnaker Pole Cars and Sliders

Having a Spinnaker Pole ring or socket attachement on a track offers several advantages over a fixed ring on the mast. An adjustable spinnaker pole inboard end allows for both sides of the pole to be adjusted depending on wind conditions. It also allows for dip pole gybes, making gybing safer and easier on large boats. At Mauri Pro Sailing, we carry cars and tracks for spinnaker poles made by Harken, Ronstan, Schaefer and Antal.

About Spinnaker Pole Accessories

We carry a variety of Spinnaker Pole hardware and mounting solutions. In our Spinnaker Pole accessories section you can find covers, mounts, rings and chalks to suit all of you spinnaker pole handling and storage needs. A great option for storing spinnaker poles is Forespar deck chocks. Forespar deck chocks are used to stow our spinnaker poles or whisker poles on the deck. Forespar strongly recommend poles be stored on deck for heavy weather. The "Ultra" deck chocks will accept all Forespar pole fittings. These chocks have been designed and made from Marelon for rugged use while incorporating a "snag-proof" low profile.

Spinnaker & Whisker Poles