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Whisker Poles

Whisker Poles

A whisker pole allows boats to sail deeper angles with the genoa without the genoa getting caught behind the mainsail. This is advantageous not only to the racing sailor sailing downwind but also for cruising sailors looking for an easier and more comfortable ride of the wind. A common question is "what is the difference between a whisker pole and a spinnaker pole?". The most obvious difference is that whisker poles are used for genoas and jibs while a spinnaker pole is used for a spinnaker.

There are other differences as well. Whisker poles are sized to match the size of the foot of the sail that they are working, while spinnaker poles are sized to match the distance from the mast to the bow, also known as the boat's "J" dimension. Because of this, Whisker Poles tend to be significantly longer than spinnaker poles for the same boat. To help accommodate storing a long pole, many sailors choose to use a telescoping whisker pole. Telescoping whisker poles also have the added advantage of working with multiple sails and on any point of sail or wind speed. A telescoping whisker pole can also be used as a spinnaker pole when set to the boat's "J" dimension.

We at MAURIPRO Sailing store carry a variety of Whisker Poles from the trusted brands of Forespar, Forte and Selden. With our technical assistance, we will strive to equip you with the desirable whisker pole for your rig. Let us help you find the perfect whisker pole for your boat and application.

MAURIPRO Sailing, your direct access to Whisker Poles and all your other sailing and boating needs.