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Spinnaker Poles

Spinnaker Poles

We at MAURIPRO Sailing understand how vital it is to keep the right spinnaker shape during your downwind leg. We carry an assortment of custom aluminum and carbon spinnaker poles for all sailboats as well as premade one-design spinnaker poles. Spinnaker Poles are priced based on the diameter of the pole and can be made to any exact finished length that is specified. On most boats, the ideal spinnaker pole finished length is equal to the boat's J dimension, the distance from the mast to the bow. Technical assistance is available to help you find the right Spinnaker Pole for your symmetrical spinnaker.

The MAURIPRO Sailing store offers a variety of Spinnaker Poles that will make your boating experience unforgettable!

MAURIPRO Sailing, your direct access to Spinnaker Poles and all your other sailing and boating needs.

Whisker poles are sized to match 100% the size of the foot of the sail that they are working.
We recommend checking with you fleet racing rules for restrictions on whisker pole sizes.
Below is an estimation chart of whisker poles sizes by boat length

Boat LOA Size Estimation
Dinghies up to 16 ft. (5 m) From 4-8 Ft.
From 16 To 22 ft. (5 To 7 m) From 6-12 Ft.
From 22 To 28 ft. (7 To 8.5 m) From 7-15 Ft.
From 28 To 33 ft. (8.5 To 10 m) From 10-18 Ft.
From 33 To 35 ft. (10 To 11 m) From 12-22 Ft.
From 35 To 46 ft. (11 To 15 m) From 13-24 Ft.
From 46 To 55 ft. (15 To 17 m) From 15-28 Ft.