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Quick Marine Equipment


Quick Marine Equipment

Quick Marine Hardware is a worldwide company that specilaizes in manufacturing accessories for sailing boats and yachts. The foundation they have built is based upon innovation and precision. Quick founders, Michele Marzucco and Alfonso Peduto started their careers by selling and installing nautical equipment for boat owners.After building a successful track record in the industry, the two men decided to form a partnership and build products that could exceed customers' expectations but meet a variety of user specific requirements.

Quick Marine Lighting features the use of High Quality LED technology and Halogen technology that is rigorously made in Italy. The LED and Power LED elements are selected according to the type of application and the best performance. Each component of the device is studied in its shape, material and finish. Latest generation software allows Quick to verify the quality of lighting since the design phase. The photometric, thermal, electric and regulatory compliance tests are carried out according to strict criteria, both on the prototypes and the finished products.

An anchor-rode is the connection system between the anchor and the boat and its sturdiness during mooring is undoubtedly essential. The critical point is the splice where the rope and chain are connected. Quick has developed a slim splice system that is much slimmer and more tapered, preventing jamming which often occurs during the transition from rope to chain during anchoring. Quick Slim Splice consists of a calibrated chain and a top-quality 3-strand polyester rope, to guarantee optimum strength and life.

LED technology allows to design devices for more flexible lighting, and thanks to the smaller dimensions of the electronic components, the optional application of optical elements, and the ample spectrum of color temperature, allows the for a simpler use of dimmers and domotic systems.

Through countless years of perfecting the perfect design, material and finish, Quick has quickly and proudly obtained an array of higher quality products compared to the market standards, as well as to create exclusive products.

Quick Windlasses make boating more enjoyable by reducing the effort required to lift and lower heavy ground tackle making anchoring faster, easier, and most importantly, safer. Most Quick windlasses are equipped with a gypsy that are designed to work with both rope and chain and are available in two versions: with or without a drum. The Quick Windlass line includes Vertical, Horizontal, Rope Only, Stress Free Marine, and Capstans. This range offers modern elegant styling suitable for motor cruisers and sailing yachts of all sizes.

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