Quick Marine Hardware

Quick Marine Hardware is a worldwide company that specilaizes in manufacturing accessories for sailing boats and yachts. The foundation they have built is based upon innovation and precision. Quick founders, Michele Marzucco and Alfonso Peduto started their careers by selling and installing nautical equipment for boat owners.After building a successful track record in the industry, the two men decided to form a partnership and build products that could exceed customers’ expectations but meet a variety of user specific requirements.

In recent years Quick expanded into the US and opened a new subsidary Quick USA LLC in order to supply direct customer service to customers within North and South American territories. Under the banners of Quick Nautical Equipment and Quick Marine lighting, the company manufactures and distributes a wide assortment of products including windlasses, capstans, bow thrusters, water heaters, battery chargers, and lighting products for navigational or design use. With their tendency for innovation and precision customers can feel confident with Quick Marine Hardware.