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Spinlock Sailboat Hardware and Sailing Equipment


From racing dinghies to the largest superyachts, Spinlock technolgy now helps define how sails are controlled and decks organized. Ground-breaking ideas developed for the challenges of racing have evolved into crew-saving solutions for leisure boating. Spinlock rope jammers and clutches are found on many of the world's top racing sailboats, including AC45s and Volvo Ocean Race 65s.

About Spinlock Rope Clutches

Spinlock sailboat rope clutches are made for easy release and locking of lines under load, with minimal damage and abrasion to the line. The Spinlock XAS and XTS series clutches are specified on racing and production yachts worldwide for their performance, reliability and easy maintenance. Internally the same as the XTS, Spinlock XCS Series rope clutches are Alloy-bodied, for extra durability and performance, in white, black or polished silver. XX Powerclutches are the only secure clutch solution available for frequently-adjusted lines on high performance yachts. It holds and smoothly releases loads up to 50% higher than any conventional clutch. The XXC ultra-high performance series is 15% lighter than the XX0812, yet will hold and release loads up to 50% higher.

About Spinlock Rope Jammers

For even higher loads, spinlock has an innovative line of sailboat rope jammers. ZR and ZS Series Jammers are for secure holding of higher line loads and can be released only after taking the load off of the jammer by putting it on a winch. The new Spinlock ZR jammer offers hands-free locking and release of higher loaded lines on larger production yachts. ZS Alloy Series rope jammers for performance loads up to 4000 kgs and line sizes 8 mm to 18 mm. ZS Carbon Series rope jammers combines an internal ZS mechanism with an ultra-light carbon body. For loads up to 12000 kgs and line sizes up to 32 mm. The Spinlock ZS Open series jammers are very useful for holding lines in an emergenct or unique situation. These Spinlock rope jammers can be locked onto any loaded line when needed; the perfect solution for peeling spinnakers, headsails, reefing and for locking off in an emergency.

About Clutch and Jammer Remote Operation

For both sailboat rope clutches and jammers, Spinlock offers a unique remote release switching sytem. Spinlock clutches and jammers are routinely installed in locations where control of the clutch or jammer is made remotely. Bonded mounting encourages these installations, with the rope clutch or jammer being located exactly where it needs to be. Remote operation allows spinlock jammers to be used as halyard locks, located in the mast or boom of the sailboat. The rope clutch or jammer can be operated by using a thin strip of line.

About Spinlock Deck Organizers, Fairleads and Other Hardware

In addition to clutches and jammers, Spinlock also makes several other pieces of sailboat deck hardware. Spinlock T- Series deck organisers guide multiple lines from the mast to banks of clutches or jammers. Proven fibre-reinforced construction and stainless steel "Wear" strip prevents local rope damage. Secure stainless steel unlinked base for fitting on non flat surfaces, which simplifies deck sealing. Asymmetric version reduces deck footpring and saves weight. TC50 sailboat deck organisers are specially designed for higher loads. Spinlock deck organizers are available in several sizes, ranging from double sheave double deck organizers with a total of eight sheaves. When you need to guid any extra lines you may have to cockpit cleats or clutches in part of the boat where organisers are not available, Spinlock bullseye fairleads will help improve your deck layout. Another way you can improve the layout of your deck is to move a furler line to the stanchion by installing a Spinlock Furling Line Lead system to improve your deck layout with their compact stanchion system. This system reduces line friction during furling and is easy to fit with the included fastenings.

Spinlock Sailboat Hardware and Sailing Equipment