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Harken Winches


Harken Winches

Sailboats depend on human power to perform such tasks as sail trimming, rig adjustment, steering and sail changing, a wide variety of mechanical devices have evolved to allow relatively weak people to control highly-loaded systems. Block and tackles, hydraulics and winches are the most common devices to magnify in people’s power.

Harken Hydraulic allows the crew to trim any size sail with the push of a button. Choices include 2- and 3-speeds and self-tailing, with shaped or sandblasted grips and standard or wide drums. Available in aluminum, chrome, aluminum /stainless, stainless steel, or bronze.

Harken Service Kits at least once during the preseason. However, twice a season is best if your boat lives in saltwater. If you race your boat hard, you may want to maintain your winches before every regatta. Keep your winches clean and operating smoothly by flushing frequently with fresh water. Check pawls and springs, bearings, gears and spindles for signs of wear and corrosion.

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