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Harken Sailboat Hardware and Sailing Equipment


Harken Sailing Equipment

Harken, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality marine and sailboat hardware and accessories Harken hardware has: blocks, winches, travelers, mainsail & headsail systems, and a full range of hydraulic products and services for your boat.

Harken Classic Blocks

Midrange Classic blocks are ideal sailboat hardware for sheets, halyards, and control lines on offshore boats. The sheave runs on a ball-bearing system for an extremely fast trim and release under any type of load. The Delrin ball-bearings, sheave, and sideplates are made to be UV-protected. Small Boat Classic blocks are exceptionally free-running and can be used for sheets, halyards, and control lines on dinghies and smaller keelboats, as well as for lightweight control lines on boats of all different sizes. Small Boat Classic blocks are ideal sailboat hardware for almost every trimming task.

Harken Battcar System

A Harken Sailing Battcar System is an easy, inexpensive solution to helping you raise, lower, and reef at any kind of wind angle while still keeping an efficient sail shape. This system can help save you money by being a great investment over in-boom or in-mast furling. Also the Battcar system keeps you safe by making it a one person job to reefing the main.

Harken Cam Cleats Bases

Harken's Cam Cleats help you hold lines securely and release for precise trimming all in an easy flick of the wrist. The sheet will stay in place exactly where you want it to go. Aluminum Cam-Matics are the only cleat that will engage under the maximum line tension. Harken also makes a lightweight fiber-reinforced Carbo-Cams® for the sailors that race and every pound counts, and adjustments are occasional.

Harken Carbo Racing Foils

The engineering of the Harken Carbo Racing Foils is a large improvement over weaker PVC material used by others. The low-friction twin headsail grooves are ultra-smooth, allowing hoists, douses, and headsail changes to be executed in a simple matter. Can take more impact than other head foils, with far less foil damage from loaded spinnaker poles, especially in cold weather conditions. Heat has little effect on the stiffness.

Harken Winches

Harken has different kinds of winches available for different boats. Aluminum winches are made for sailors who need a lightweight but strong winch with power. Harken’s Radial Winch line is made with diagonal ribs to help give more gripping power and reduce the line wear.

Harken Performa Winches are for racers and racer/cruisers using high-tech line who want to have a cost effective winch that comes in smaller sizes. The Performa Design combines the efficiency of Harken Radial winches with the sand-blasted grip of its Carbon Fiber racing winch for a powerful hybrid. Performa winches can transfer high loads to the winch with less wraps, allowing crew to trim and ease sails quickly and repeatedly as the wind direction and strength changes over time.

Harken Electric Winches allows you to trim any size sail with just one push of a button. Winches mount in just a few minutes without removing the drum, and can be quickly disassembled on deck.

Harken Sailboat Hardware and Sailing Equipment