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Harken Hydraulics


Harken Hydraulics

Harken's full range of cylinders are perfect for mast, sail, and keel controls. They stand up to years of high-stress use in harsh marine environments and have proven themselves on yachts of all types-from racers to bluewater cruisers and megayachts. Their efficiency, longevity, and reliability are evident in the selection of high-quality components, all supported by workmanship of the highest standards.

Harken offers a complete line of extremely lightweight, low-profile valves and manifolds for hydraulically-controlled systems. Harken standard valves are half the weight of most styles, with Grand-Prix versions sculpted to further eliminate unnecessary material. An independent pressure-relief function in each valve gives crew the ability to match hydraulic power to the maximum working load of individual mast and sail controls. An adjustable flow control integrated into each valve fine-tunes the speed of release.

Harken offers 1-, 2-, and 3-speed pumps for hydraulic systems. Our 2- and 3-speed pumps deliver oil faster and more efficiently than other pumps on the market. When a preset point is reached, the pump automatically shifts to the next speed. The 1-speed pump is a simpler alternative, but features the same high-quality components as the other systems. Use 1- and 2-speed pumps for smaller and midsize hydraulic systems; 3-speed pumps on systems with high-volume, high-pressure requirements. Pressure relief on 1- and 2-speed pumps is factory-set to a maximum of 5000 psi. Mounting patterns for all pumps are identical, making upgrades easy.

Pressurized Reservoirs.

All Harken pressurized reservoirs have translucent sections in the reservoir walls, making it easy to monitor oil levels. Pressurized reservoirs require very little maintenance and are cleaner than those that use ambient air pressure. They can be installed in the bilge rather than at pump level to provide a low center of gravity.

Harken offers four sizes of Grand-Prix pressurized reservoirs (20-, 17-, 13-, and 10-liter) to suit any Grand Prix need. They are among the lightest in existence. Custom sizes and configurations are available.

Vented Reservoirs.

These 2- and 4-liter blow-molded reservoirs are used for smaller Grand Prix systems and production yachts. Reservoirs feature a vented cap to stabilize tank pressure and prevent leaks. Translucent materials allow oil levels to be easily monitored. 10 mm (3/8 in) hose barbs are welded to the reservoir for supply and return hoses.

Harken offers a range of hydraulic hose for high- and low-pressure oil delivery. After assembly, all high-pressure hoses are flushed clean of contaminants before shipping.

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