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Harken Electric Winches - Conversion Kits


Harken Electric Winches - Conversion Kits

At first, conversion can seem a bit daunting. The prospect of drilling new holes in your boat, using more power, and taking up valuable space belowdeck can put people off. It doesn't need to. Modern winch conversions are making it easier than ever to shift from manual to electric operation.

Below is a list of common questions and pitfalls of winch conversions ensuring, that when the time comes, you'll have all the information you need to make the process as smooth as possible.

Why are electric winches so much better?
In short, they make life easier, enabling any crew regardless of strength, size, or physical condition to perform the tasks required. This makes high-load jobs easier (such as hoisting the mainsail when sailing short-handed) as it allows the user to look up at the main while hoisting to make sure there are no snags or hold-ups.

What does a conversion kit include?
Each conversion kits includes: winch shaft, motor and gearbox, circuit breaker, switches, and dual-function control box.

MAURIPRO Sailing offers an extensive range of conversion kits from trusted products such as Conversion Kit - Radial 7.2 - 24V, Conversion Kit - Radial 6.2 - 24 and more.

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