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Maxwell Windlasses


Maxwell Windlasses

The Maxwell Windlass range has an appropriate windlass for almost any boat. Maxwell features vertical and horizontal windlasses for chain rode and for rope and chain. Most windlasses feature an optional capstan for independent rope handling. A compact anchor windlass such as the Maxwell RC suits smaller vessels and especially sailboats. A more heavy duty windlass such as a VW or HW works for larger boats. Use the selection guide to determine which Maxwell windlass is right for your boat.


Consider the overall length and displacement (either light or heavy) of your boat and use the chart provided to identify the most suitable windlass or capstan for your vessel.


The two basic types of windlasses are differentiated by the drive shaft orientation. Deck thickness and underdeck space are the two main considerations when deciding which of the two types to fit.

  • Vertical windlasses make up the majority of anchor windlass sales. They are characterised by situating the capstan and/or gypsy (topworks) above the deck and the motor and gearbox below. Vertical windlasses provide a 180° wrap of the anchor rode around the chainwheel giving optimal chain control, minimising slippage and jumping.
  • Horizontal windlasses are mounted completely above deck with gypsy and capstan located to either side. They provide a 90° wrap of the anchor rode around the chainwheel.


The wattage of a DC electric motor is not the important factor. Rather it is the efficiency of the whole windlass, including the gearbox and motor, which counts. With the increasing popularity of powerful and compact on-board generators, AC powered windlasses are becoming a practical consideration for bigger boats. Hydraulic systems provide another power source well worth considering as they have the advantage of constant speed under all load conditions and can be run almost constantly while coupled with safe guards such as pressure relief valves. Modern hydraulic systems offer an integrated, low maintenance and efficient, centrally managed, power pack.

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