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Antal Batten Car Systems


The Antal Batten Car System's End Fittings are made of aluminium and should be attached to the mast with the 2x6 and 2x8 mm screws.

When the Antal Gate Tracks is removed, the head carriage and top batten slider of a square-top mainsails can be extracted to make it easier to "tie" the mainsail to the boom.

The slider which takes up the highest loads is realized double, triple or quadruple. With higher loads the headboard slider will need a higher number of sliders, or sliders with greater dimensions. Large mainsails or sails with wide roach require stronger Antal Headboard Cars. Headboard sliders are provided with a pivoting bracket for the coupling of the headboard.

The Antal Slider Cars is designed for boats with full batten mainsails that experience high loads and compression-loading on the mainsail luff. The system's aluminium sliders contain HS composite fibre inserts that run on aluminium track mounted on the mast. HS composite fibre is a new material that is durable over long periods of use and offers extremely low friction coefficients. The material is made from special resins strengthened with fibre and is self lubricating.

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Antal Batten Car Systems