Andersen Sailboat Equipment


Winches and Sailboat Equipment

Beautifully elegant inside and out, Andersen sailboat winches are a reflection of the functional needs and aesthetic demands of top quality sailing yachts worldwide. Developed using state-of-the-art production techniques that have been carefully refined for more than 60 years, each of their winches reflects a sincere dedication to offer the most outstanding performance from the highest quality winches.

Built to last, all Andersen Winches™ feature the exclusive stainless steel Power Rib drum for maximum power and extended line life. This unique drum design uses vertical ribs to firmly grip the line, requiring fewer turns to achieve the same line-holding power when compared with other winch drums. The smooth surface is also corrosion free and far less abrasive to your sheets and halyards for extended line life.

From basic manual winches to complex hydraulic and electric winch systems, Andersen offers a full range of line control products to fit every sailor’s needs. Careful consideration should be given to all factors including boat size, experience, prevailing conditions and crew before selecting the right winch for your boat.