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Vetus Ventilators


The Vetus Ventilation line is a first step in creating a safe and breathable environment for power yachts and sail boats. Here at Mauri Pro we care about health and safety. We offer multiple marine ventilation products, including accessories, for any compartment, ranging from the engine room to the sleeping quarters.

If you are looking for a natural ventilation system for yachts that brings clean air into your living quarters, then Mauri Pro offers the Vetus Ventilation cowl. Available in many shapes and sizes with flexible synthetic material, the cowl ventilators are designed to carry fresh air to the deck below. This model is easy to install, requires little to no tools and a full 360-degree rotation for maximum air flow. Mauri Pro offers a solution to a variety of ventilation related problems with our Vetus UFO deck vents. These vents are Vetus' flagship design for a unique and comprehensive marine deck ventilator. The UFO deck vents offer a permanent ventilation air way in combination with a rain and splash proof build. These combinations will result in a perfect and continual solution to any ventilator needs. To clear your fumes from closed compartments, the Vetus Extraction ventilators are not only required but could also be instrumental in saving your life. Mauri Pro has a variety of ignition protected extraction ventilators that prevent sparks, built to resist overheating, and is suitable to remove petrol fumes.

Whatever your needs, the Mauri Pro selection of Vetus Ventilation products can fulfill them. Within our selection you can find a complete range and everything you need to ensure a safe and healthy on board climate. We at Mauri Pro Sailing are fully committed to be your Vetus Ventilation specialist not only providing the sailing community with a comprehensive and easy to use web site but with all the appropriate technical information that you might need to select your sailboat hardware and equipment.

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