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Schaefer Sailboat Hardware and Sailing Equipment


Schaefer offers rugged, durable gear that will perform no matter how demanding the conditions. The entire line of products, from blocks to furlers, are built of the finest materials available and designed with a real-world understanding of the forces at work on a sailing yacht.

Schaefer Sailboat Equipment

For over 45 years, Schaefer Marine has led the way in innovative and reliable sailboat and marine hardware. Schaefer pride ourselves on having the toughest gear on the water that will always stand up to the rigors of the marine environment. During the past few months we have had several exciting developments at Schaefer. In 2014 spring, the schooner “Athos” sailed with her custom mast tracks developed and manufactured by Schaefer Marine developed through the performance of our in-boom furling systems. This incredible yacht has passed its sailing trials with flying colors and is due to sail the waters of the Mediterranean this summer. Look for more updates as we keep tabs on Athos. In January of 2011, Schaefer Marine became the US Distributor for Sea-Sure products and Hawke Marine products both from the United Kingdom.

Schaefer Furlers
Schaefer furlers have long been respected as the finest furlers on the market and that reputation continues intact. Schaefer's Boom Furling systems have made sailing easier for sailors around the world. Several hundred systems on the water have proven to be strong and easy to use. Schaefer continue to advance our hardware and block line. Did you know we X-Ray every investment cast piece of hardware to enter our shop? This is the “extra” step we go to ensuring your safety. In addition, our finishing process including the use of walnut shells enhances the final appearance of our hardware enhancing the look of your yacht.

Schaefer Blocks
Flat Base Cheek Blocks: Flat, stainless base plate distributes loads to a larger surface area than other designs that place loads on mounting bolts only. Use on spars and deck to lead sheets, halyards, reefing gear, and any control requiring a strong, smooth lead.

Curved Base Cheek Blocks: Unique curved base plate fits up to 2 (51mm) dia. spar section for easy mounting. Excellent for control line leads on dinghys and small daysailors.

Cheek Block Pads: Shaped to fit most common spar sections, these convenient pads allow quick and easy mounting on masts or booms. Made of UV Treated Molded PVC with the ability to withstand extreme compression loads and temperature ranges without distortion.

Schaefer Foot Blocks
Schaefer foot blocks are Computer Machined to provide the strength needed in such high-stress applications. Choose from either elegant Stainless or Anodized Aluminum Top Plates.Schaefer's Universal Circuit Sheave Package provides a durable and smooth delivery to the cockpit. Our unique ”Strip from the Top” design allows for complete disassembly without removal of the deck mounted base plate. Countersunk fasteners and a unique anti-rotation sheave pin keyed into the underside of the top plate provides a smooth surface to eliminate chafe and fouled lines. Put your best foot forward with Schaefer's handsome, low profile design which combines a clean look with Schaefer's Legendary Strength.

Schaefer Shackles
Bow Shackles
Our drop forged Shackles are to offer an increased body width that provides a large surface contact area for spliced line and thimbles. These type 316 Stainless Steel shackles are all provided with a cross hole for safety wire.

Forged "D" Shackles
Schaefer's drop Forged Shackles are made from type 316 Stainless Steel. Each shackle features a threaded pin with a drilled cross pin hole to accommodate safety wire.

Long "D" Shackles
Our Long Shackles offer the same great features of our forged shackles with extra-long usable lengths to access those hard to reach fittings on you boat.

Schaefer Winch Handles
Schaefer offers three distinct styles of Winch Handles to suit your needs. The Schaefer 10 forged aluminum winch handlesuse 6061 T6 Anodized Aluminum and come in either standard or Ball Grip. Both offer a simple locking mechanism for security. The New Schaefer 8" Carbon Fiber Winch Handle features a compressed carbon fiber construction that weighs just over 1/2 pound! This strong yet light handle will keep racers satisfied in the never ending search for weight savings.

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Schaefer Sailboat Hardware and Sailing Equipment