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Sailing Shackles

Sailing Shackles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and working loads to fit several needs on sheets, guys, control lines and many other onboard applications. When selecting a shackle for sailing applications, it is important to note the safe working load of the shackle and compare it to your application.

Types of Shackles used in Sailing:

Bar Shackles
are commonly used as Halyard shackles for main sails on small boats. Bar shackles are ideal for applications where the shackle is used frequenly as they are easy to open but stay closed when not intentionally opened.

Bow Shackles
are similiar in application to bar shackles but feature a larger body that enables them to have more clearance and allow for more space for splicing and thimbles.

D Shackles
are multipurpose shackles that are great for many applications, including attaching blocks to padeyes. D Shackles also have several industrial uses.

J Lock Shackles
are most commonly used on genoa sheets but can also be used in some outhaul and halyard applications. J Lock shackes are unique because they can fit through most genoa blocks, allowing for fast sheet and sail changes.

Long D Shackles
are D shackles for applications that require a lot of clearance.

Equipilite No Swivel Shackles
are soft attached shackles similiar to spool shackles that do not swivel.

Ronstan On Card Shackles
are designed for a high strength to weight ratio and both steel bodies are made from non-corrosive grade 316 stainless steel. These sheave is used as a replacement for Series 30 single and multi-sheave blocks.

Tylaska Peeling Shackles
are two shackles joined together at their bails. This arrangement is ideal for temporary holding the guy during a running spinnaker change or "peel" as it is sometimes called. Two standard bail Tylaska shackles are split at a bail , linked together, rewelded and polished again to produce a "peeling strop" or "handcuffs" as they are often nicknamed.

Clevis Pin Shackles
include shackles in several of the other categories that attatch using a removavle clevis pin. This is useful for applications where the shackle will be attached to a metal fitting as opposed to a line.

Shackle Guards
place a protective buffer between the spinnaker pole ends and your after-guy shackle. Made of high-strength polyethylene, these tough polymer guards are UV inhibited for long life. Shackle Guards can also be used on lifelines to skirt genoas.

Shackle Keys
are multi-purpose tools that suit coined head shackle pins, features sockets for 1/16" and 1/4" plain and nylock nuts, screwdriver, ideal for tightening small drain plugs. When you are having a rough time unlocking your shackle, grab your shackle key.

Snap Shackles
can be used in many rigging solutions. A small line can be tied to their pin allowing them to be opened remotely. This is useful in retaining spinnaker halyards among other solutions. Snap Shackles are also popular spinnaker Halyard shackles as they are easy to attach and remove.

Soft Shackles
Provide a lightweight, strong attachment are are being used increasingly in many applications to replace traditional shackles.

Spool Shackles
are popular genoa sheet shackles and are designed to replace knots. They will not jam up and remains easy to fasten and unfasten even after loading up to the tensile strength of the line.

Stamped Shackles
are a good budget option for low load applications where the strength of a forged shackled isn't needed.

Sailing Shackles