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Vetus Marine Hatches


The Vetus Hatch product line encompasses any and everything associated with hatches, including escape and ventilation hatches, locks, and hinges. Whether you're looking for efficiency or style, rest assured as the Vetus Hatch line provides both.

Among MAURIPRO's vast selection of boat window products, are a variety of styles and shapes of Vetus escape and ventilation hatches. These different styles are designed to handle the different conditions your yacht most typically undergoes. For boats often subject to harsh, ocean conditions, the heavy duty MAGNUS hatch may be worth checking out. For boats trying to maintain a "sleek" and modern look, the FGH hatch may be a best fit.

About Vetus Altus hatches
These hatches are provided with carefully designed hatch adjusters, which are both stylish and easy to operate.They can also be left locked; either completely watertight or in a ventilation position.

About Vetus Libero hatches
Hatches with hand-polished and anodized aluminium frames.

About Vetus Magnus hatches
Extra heavy duty. They are CE classified: AI, which means to say that they are designed for ocean use and can be fitted in any part of the hull or deck.

About Vetus Flush hatches
Designed specifically for new boat designs, these flush hatches are an economic and stylish alternative to conventional deck hatches.

About Vetus Planus hatches
A special friction hinge allows all Planus hatches to remain open at any angle up to 180 degrees.