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End controls allow the installation of 2:1 to 5:1 purchases. Carbo AirBlock® sheaves with free-running Torlon® ball bearings let cars instantly adjust and release under load. Cam-Matic® cleats provide precise cleating.. Compact, high-strength Carbo AirBlock® components combined with a Carbo-Cam® cleats keep traveler weight minimal. For angled cleating, install the 380 X-Treme Angle Fairlead.

When end controls are not used, add Endstops to absorb shock loads. When end control assemblies are used, trim caps finish track ends. Sold in pairs. Fasteners not included.

13 mm<br>Accessories
13mm<br>Track Accessories
22mm<br>End Controls
22 mm<br>Accessories
22mm<br>Track Accessories
27mm ESP<br>End Controls
27mm<br>End Controls
27 mm<br>Accessories
27mm<br>Track Accessories
32mm<br>End Controls
32mm ESP<br>End Controls
32 mm<br>Accessories
32mm<br>Track Accessories

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