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Harken Performance End Controls

Harken Big Boat 32 mm High-performance End Controls allow the installation of 2:1 to 5:1 purchases. Designed for high-performance, free-running systems, Carbo control blocks with Delrin® ball bearings let cars instantly adjust and release under load. Assemblies secure to track, eliminating additional holes. Tough one-piece bases and cam arms are machined from a single piece of aluminum. Compact, low-friction block components combined with Cam-Matic® cleats keep weight minimal.

ESP Sleeve Bearing End Controls are value-oriented options for the installation of 2:1 to 4:1 systems. Designed for strength and durability, controls feature sleeve bearing sheaves with sideload ball bearing. Carbo-cam cleats provide precise cleating for the perfect traveler adjustment.

3173 and 3174 high-load controls allow 2:1 to 6:1 purchases on offshore boats with mainsails over 37 m² (400 ft²). Controls feature 57 mm Black Magic® Big Boat ball/roller sheaves and high-load aluminum sideplates.

HAR3124 - Harken Big Boat CB Adjustable Pinstop
Code: HAR3124
Original Price: $134.20
Price: $125.60
HAR3168 - Harken Big Boat Traveler Control Set-Single Sheave
Code: HAR3168
Original Price: $368.15
Price: $323.97
HAR3169 - Harken Big Boat Traveler Control Set-Double Sheave
Code: HAR3169
Original Price: $407.80
Price: $358.86
HAR3170 - Harken Big Boat Traveler Control Set Double Sheave w/ Cam
Code: HAR3170
Original Price: $517.30
Price: $455.22
HAR3173 - Harken Big Boat Traveler Control Set High-Load (Pair)
Code: HAR3173
Original Price: $554.95
Price: $488.36
HAR3174 - Harken Big Boat Traveler Control Set High-Load Double (Pair)
Code: HAR3174
Original Price: $818.60
Price: $720.37
HAR3197 - Harken Big Boat 32 mm 6:1 Triple Sheave End Controls w/ Dead End (Pair)
Code: HAR3197
Original Price: $516.00
Price: $454.08
HAR3212 - Harken Adjustable Pinstop
Code: HAR3212
Price: $148.32
HAR3213 - Harken Adjustable Pinstop/shackle
Code: HAR3213
Original Price: $243.65
Price: $214.41
HARHC3053 - Harken Big Boat End Stop w/ 688 Padeye
Code: HARHC3053
Original Price: $275.00
Price: $224.40
HARHC5912 - Harken End Control Big Boat Self Tacking Jib
Code: HARHC5912
Original Price: $334.15
Price: $272.70

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