Harken 5 mm Shallow Bow SS Shackle

$ 9.95

(Original Price: $ 10.90)

Harken 5 mm Shallow Bow SS Shackle

Forged stainless steel shackles are polished to a high luster and are stamped with the screw pin diameter.
Bow shackles are best for multidirectional loads. Shallow bow shackles are proportionally wider for their length than regular bow shackles.

Tech Specs
Imperial Metric
Weight 3/16 in 14.5 g
A 0.51 oz 17 mm
B 11/16 in 11 mm
C 7/16 in 14 mm
Maximum working load 9/16 in 540 kg
Breaking load 1190 lb 1080 kg