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Why choose Carbo T2 Soft Attachment Blocks from Harken?

In terms of block innovation, Harken passed from the old heavy blocks with stainless steel straps to a lighter structure they called Carbo block, almost entirely plastic but still with a bit of stainless steel on it (head and shackle). Even though it is lighter than the first type of block, Harken engineers weren't satisfied. They asked: is it possible to take out all of the metal?

Harken T2 series: lightest weight block possible

This block is entirely composite. It doesn't have any metal in it at all. This is possible due to the intelligent design and technology known as long fiber injection molding, making the piece stronger. Also, instead of using metal to attach it, as in previous block models, T2 uses a little piece of spectra cord.

You will find T2 blocks in 3 different diameters:

  • 29mm, for small dinghy boats;
  • 40mm, for dinghies and small sailboat control lines; and
  • 57mm, for almost any midrange and big boat system.

They also came in two different styles. Lash type, that you tie in place using the spectra cord, spliced, or lashed to almost anything; and the Loop style, which comes with a spectra circle that you can pass through it to attach it. It slides through the block head and over the anchor post for a secure connection.

Why choose T2 soft-attach blocks?

  • They are lighter and more robust alternatives to shackles.
  • It is simple to follow installation instructions.
  • It is easier to identify chafe.
  • They have greater articulation for optimal load displacement.
  • They are kinder to boats and hardware.

Soft attachments blocks are ideal for the following systems:

  • Traveler controls.
  • Mainsheets and vangs.
  • Cascades.
  • Bridles.
  • Other systems that require a lightweight solution.

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