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Allen Cleats & Jammers


Allen Cleats & Jammers

Allen cam cleats have had more than 50 years of meticulous R&D to perfect their design. Available in either Alloy or Allenite* the jaw profile optimizes rope entry and exit for smooth cleating and uncleating, whilst double coil springs and ball bearing technology give consistent cam action. The addition of the ultra-prolead with wire reinforcement enhances cleating angles for superior performance and longevity. For hardwearing applications you canít beat the alloy series cam cleat for strength and durability while minimising line wear.

Allenite is a proprietary material developed by Allen specifically for high wear resistance, low weight and good heat dissipation. Ideal for lighter loaded and for less frequently used applications and where weight saving is a premium over the alloy range.

Allen Cam Cleat Accessories are available to make sure you get the most from your Allen Cam Cleat. There is a range of cleat lifters, wedges and fairleads to ensure that the rope running through your cam cleat is as efficient as possible.

Allen Mainsheet Jammers have had many hours of research and development to give the best possible product. The range features our World leading cold forged bearing system which has a ball locating groove for smooth rotation whilst preventing the lateral movement of the arm. The angle and height of the cam cleat has been carefully designed to optimise mainsheet jamming and release when required. The angles of rotation can be set to 180, 220 or 360 degrees.

The A5266 range has the block mounted behind the swivel centre and angled towards the cleat. This creates a turning force on the block and jammer, meaning that the cleat will always be forced to point away from the boom and towards the helm ensuring the rope is to hand.

Allen Swivel Cleats have been designed to give smooth sheeting articulation for a variety of applications from jib sheeting to vang systems. The cam cleats are mounted on a high grade stainless steel platform, and angled upward for ease of cleating.

Available with either a plain bearing or ball bearing swivel base.