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Schaefer Twin Sheet Genoa Lead Blocks
Twin Sheet Schaefer Lead Blocks feature an extra wide sheace that allows two sheets to be run through the cage at the same time. This is an important feature when you need to change sail, allowing you to avoid sailing without a jub. The new sail can be rigged and hoisted prior to lowering the original jib. In addition to rigging flexibility and quick sail changes, another major advantage to this Schaefer lead block is the low profile, wide lead lead angle provided to the sailboat winch. Extra wide sheaves plus a 45° tilt in either direction gives greater leeway in sheeting angles allowing winches to be mounted up to 15°to either side of the track.

Schaefer Half-Moon Genoa Lead Blocks
The Schaefer Half-Moon Genoa Lead Car's "off shore" design provides a low winch lead while spreading sheet loads over several track fasteners for maximun strength. Set pin location in the center of the block to prevent snagging and accidental release. Designed to articulate up to 45° to either side of the sailtboat track, Half-Moon lead blocks are often used to provide a proper lead angle to foot or turning blocks near the cockpit. Stainless, bolted construction provides a brilliant finish, and allows complete disassembly for inspection or maintenace.

Schaefer Spring Loaded Genoa Lead Blocks
Spring loaded Schaefer blocks offer a wide flexibility in sheeting angles allowing for up to a 45° lead variation to each side of the track. "Spring Cap" design fully supports blocks under any conditions. 1" and 1 1/4" versions feature polyethylene liners held "captive" within the slide allowing for years of trouble free and friction free service. Choose from brilliant Stainless Steel or Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum cheeks both using UV resistant Derlin™ Sheaves.

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