Ronstan - Sheaves


RONSTAN Acetal BB Sheaves - Overview

Precision moulded Acetal ball bearing sheaves running on Acetal or Torlon® ball bearings provide high performance & low friction. These U.V. resistant acetal sheaves operate with Minimum friction under moderate loads

These Ronstan Acetal oilite bearing sheaves feature self lubricating Oilite Bronze bearings for greater load capacity and long life. Oilite bearings are produced from oil-impregnated high strength Bronze, which ensures that the surface is always lubricated.

These Ronstan Nylatron sheaves are made from a unique plastic material which is suitable for use with wire. Nylatron® is a cast, partially cross-linked polyamide compound which has been modified with a MoS2 filler. It has excellent wear resistance, self lubrication and low friction properties.

These Ronstan Nylon sheaves are made with glass reinforcement for greater strength and abrasion resistance. These sheaves are used for high load applications.

Ronstan's range of Acetal sheaves is moulded from a specially modified ultra-violet resistant grade of material to provide a long service life in the tough marine environment. Acetal is well suited to the application, with characteristics of high strength and resistance to impact and wear. It also exhibits excellent low friction properties for bearing applications. These Roller Ball Bearing Sheaves from Ronstan are manufactured to operate with low friction under load.

Ronstan manufactures an extensive range of sheave boxes for use with rope and wire. Plain bearing sheaves are ideal for halyards and other applications where high static loads are likely to be encountered. The Ronstan Sheave Boxes use Nylatron Sheave within a grade 316 stainless steel cheeks.