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Race once with the Harken Windward Sheeting Traveler Car and you’ll never race without one again. Pull the car above the centerline without releasing the leeward control line. The tack and car stay in the same position, ready to be pulled to the new windward side.Harken Midrange Windward Sheeting CB Car

In light to moderate air, most boats sail upwind better with the traveler above the centerline. This reduces mainsheet tension and stops the leech from closing when the boom is trimmed to the centerline. With a conventional traveler car, you must manually release the leeward control line to bring the car above the centerline. Before tacking, the leeward control will require re-cleating before it becomes the new windward control.

The cams on a Harken windward sheeting car automatically cleat and release during the tack, letting crew stay on the high side and minimizing movement. You never have to touch the leeward control line because when you tack, the car stays where you left it and a special mechanism uses the mainsheet load to release the leeward cleat. The only thing you need to do is draw the car above the centerline. You'll never want to sail without one again. Harken has windward sheeting travelers for everything from small sport boats to boats up to 13.7 m (45 ft). You can convert most existing Harken travelers with a retrofit kit.

When replacing cam cleats on windward sheeting cars, the replacement Cam cleats are the Harken 150SP cam cleats, which have special pins that allow them to open.

Converting Harken Mainsheet Traveler Cars into Windward Sheeting Cars
Windward sheeting adapter kits can turn standard Harken cars into windward sheeting cars.

Using Harken Windward Sheeting Cars in Heavy Wind
In heavy air you usually want the car below the centerline. As with any other mainsheet traveler, you just ease the control line to the position you want. On the opposite tack, a windward sheeting car automatically mirrors the position you set without you ever having to touch the control lines.

Sizes of Harken Windward Sheeting Cars
Small Boat CB traveler cars fit dinghies, keelboats, beachcats, and offshore boats to 8 m (27 ft). The one-piece solid aluminum construction is lightweight and strong. Ball bearings run on machined aluminum hardcoat-anodized races for smooth trimming and easing. Stainless steel wire guides keep balls captive when the car is off the track.

Midrange CB traveler cars are built to handle high loads on boats from 8 m to 10 m (27 ft to 34 ft). Midrange Windward Sheeting Cars use Harken Midrange CB track.

ig Boat CB traveler cars handle high loads on boats from 9.5 m to 15 m (32 to 50 ft). Harken Windward Sheeting Cars fit Big Boat CB track.

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