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Ronstan Drain Plugs


RONSTAN Copper Ferrules- Overview

Ronstan Drain Plugs are screw in solutions for plugging up drain holes while sailing. These drain plugs are water tight and use retaining legs to keep them in housing. UV stabilised Nylon make the plug and housing last.

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RONPNP242 - Ronstan Drain Plug & Housing, ID25mm
Code: RONPNP242
Price: $3.10
RONPNP243 - Ronstan Drain Plug & Housing, ID30mm
Code: RONPNP243
Price: $5.10
RONPNP245 - Ronstan Drain Plug & Housing, ID40mm
Code: RONPNP245
Price: $10.30
RONPNP245BLK - Ronstan Drain Plug & Housing, ID40mm, Black
Price: $9.30
RONPNP246 - Ronstan Drain Plug & Housing, ID50mm
Code: RONPNP246
Price: $17.50
RONPNP246BLK - Ronstan Drain Plug & Housing, ID50mm, Black
Price: $14.40
RONRF294 - Ronstan Drain Plug Complete
Code: RONRF294
Price: $8.45
RONRF734 - Ronstan Chrome Brass Flush Drain
Code: RONRF734
Price: $33.00
RONRF737 - Ronstan Brass & Plastic Drain Plug
Code: RONRF737
Price: $13.40
RONRF738 - Ronstan Drain Plug Plastic
Code: RONRF738
Price: $5.95

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