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Harken Small Boat Furling



Harken Furling System

Harken® Small Boat Furling Systems allow the trailerable cruising or dinghy sailor to set and furl the jib from the cockpit. Drums and halyard swivels feature multiple stacked races of Delrin® or Torlon® bearings for smooth rotation under load. Small Boat units are for furling only, not reefing.

Hoistable Swivels
An optional hoistable ball bearing halyard swivel can be installed on your headstay so you can raise or lower the sail without removing the headstay. Swivels are independent of the headstay, allowing you to tension the luff separately from the mast rake. Hoistable swivels work along with your standard Harken Small Boat furler.

The high-load Small Boat furler with hoistable halyard is available as a kit.

Use for:
434 Dinghies under 16 ft (4.9 m)
435 Dinghies to 20 ft (6.1 m); Catamarans to 18 ft (5.5 m)
436 Cruising boats to 25 ft (7.6 m); Catamarans to 23 ft (7 m)

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HAR162 - Harken Small Boat Upper Swivel Furler
Code: HAR162
Original Price: $124.85
Price: $99.88
HAR164 - Harken Small Boat Upper Swivel High-Load Furler
Code: HAR164
Original Price: $150.40
Price: $120.32
HAR207 - Harken Small Boat Upper Swivel Cruising Furler
Code: HAR207
Original Price: $239.25
Price: $191.40
HAR434 - Harken Small Boat Furling System
Code: HAR434
Original Price: $316.10
Price: $252.88
HAR435 - Harken Small Boat High-Load Furling System
Code: HAR435
Original Price: $365.60
Price: $292.48
HAR436 - Harken Small Boat Cruising Furling System
Code: HAR436
Original Price: $644.45
Price: $515.56
HAR464 - Harken Small Boat Furling: Halyard Swivel/Hole for 4mm Wire
Code: HAR464
Original Price: $226.35
Price: $181.08
HAR465 - Harken Small Boat Furling: Halyard Swivel/Hole for 5mm Wire
Code: HAR465
Original Price: $292.30
Price: $233.84
HAR482 - Harken Halyard Swivel/Hole for 6mm Wire
Code: HAR482
Original Price: $396.10
Price: $316.88
HAR483 - Harken Furler Kit/Hoistable Haylard
Code: HAR483
Original Price: $578.65
Price: $462.92

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