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Harken Standard Cam Cleat Accessories


Harken Standard Cam Cleat Accessories

Use these Harken Standard Cam Cleat Accessories to adapt our cleats for many applications, such as cleaning up your cockpit controls with color-coding or leading a line cleanly to a cleat.

Wire fairleads maintain a low profile while holding the line close to the cleat. The X-Treme Angle Fairlead allows releasing and recleating at angles up to 90° to the cleat. This sets it apart from other fairleads where line uncleats at extreme angles and can’t recleat without centering the line. The low-friction stainless bail provides a bulletproof turning point. Perfect for traveler and cabintop controls or deck cleats—a must for the new Laser deck cleating system.

Low-profile, top-mounted flairleads can also be used to guide lines. They feature stainless wearguards and are available in various colors for color-coding your cams. We offer a wide range of eyestraps to hold line at the cleat and to provide fair leads.

Color code your cams with replaceable cam caps. These fit over the standard caps on the standard cleats. Lightweight, fiber-reinforced flairleads feature stainless wearguards for long life and are available in various colors for color-coding your cams.

Features of the Harken Standard Cam Cleat Accessories:
  • Cleat and uncleat at angles up to 90 degrees
  • Stainless steel loop provides low-friction turning post
  • Base plate ensures optimal cleating height
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HAR137 - Harken Large SS Eyestrap
Code: HAR137
Original Price: $2.90
Price: $2.55
HAR201 - Harken Low Profile Standard SS Eyestrap
Code: HAR201
Original Price: $2.15
Price: $1.89
HAR145 - Harken Cam-Matic Wedge Kit
Code: HAR145
Original Price: $6.20
Price: $5.46
HAR295 - Harken Flat Cam-Matic Riser
Code: HAR295
Original Price: $8.85
Price: $7.79
HAR296 - Harken 15 Degree Angled Cam Riser
Code: HAR296
Original Price: $11.85
Price: $10.43
HAR298 - Harken Cam-Matic Wire FairLead
Code: HAR298
Original Price: $10.05
Price: $8.84
HAR375 - Harken X-Treme Angle Fairlead for Standard Cam-Matic (150)
Code: HAR375
Original Price: $18.90
Price: $16.63
HAR494 - Harken Fairlead Fast Release Cam
Code: HAR494
Original Price: $18.90
Price: $16.63
HAR438 - Harken Cam Adapter Plate
Code: HAR438
Original Price: $14.10
Price: $12.41
HAR425B - Harken Fairlead - Black
Code: HAR425B
Original Price: $6.90
Price: $6.07
HAR425BL - Harken Fairlead - Blue
Code: HAR425BL
Original Price: $6.90
Price: $6.07
HAR425G - Harken Fairlead - Green
Code: HAR425G
Original Price: $6.90
Price: $6.07
HAR425R - Harken Fairlead - Red
Code: HAR425R
Original Price: $6.90
Price: $6.07
HAR425Y - Harken Fairlead - Yellow
Code: HAR425Y
Original Price: $6.90
Price: $6.07

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