Velocitek Sailing Instruments


Velocitek Sailing Instruments

Price: $ 599.00
VELSHIFT - Velocitek Shift
Price: $ 699.00
Price: $ 339.00
Price: $ 339.00

Velocitek Brackets and Accessories

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Price: $ 19.00
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Velocitek Sailing Instruments

Velocitek builds high-performance sailing instruments. Their devices are designed to give you the critical tactical information you need, when you need it. Velocitek designers have worked hard over several generations of products to produce easy to use instruments that help you keep your head out of the boat and in the race. Their design and attention to detail carries over into their current range of products, which includes for the first time a GPS speedo just for SUP. Buy the Velocitek instrument that bests suits your needs here at Mauri Pro.

Velocitek Speedpuck

The GPS-enabled Velocitek Speedpuck provides a simple, streamlined way to get hgihly accurate data. You can view boatspeed or heading/course over ground, along with an automatic wind-shift indicator. Installation is quick and simple. Sailors can easily operate the Speedpuck with the single button and clear display, switching between speed, heading, and max speed modes. With the Speedpuck Velocitek has created one of the simplest speed instruments in the sailing market.

Velocitek Prostart

Velocitek developed the Prostart, their seventh-generation GPS sailng instrument, to deliver just the data you need and nothing else, minimizing distractions. The Prostart uses an intuitive countdown timer and GPS data updated every half-second to help sailors plan their starting approach based on time-to-burn and distance-to-line. After the start the Prostart automatically switches to display GPS speed and heading. The Velocitek Prostart also logs your most recent 30 hours of sailing, so you can download this data to your computer to replay races on shore.

Velocitek Shift

The Velocitek Shift provides hihgly-accurate compass data and wind-shift info. The 9-axis Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) provides some of the smoothest and most responsive compass data on the market, thanks to a combination of precise solid-state sensors. The Shift also uses the same easy to use start timer first developed for the Prostart, so you can easily start and sync the timer at any time, while the large display digits make the time impossible to miss.

Velocitek Makai

Velocitek introduced the Makai as the first specifically desinged GPS for SUP. The Makai clearly displays distance, speed, and time, allowing you to optimize your pace and technique without distraction. The hydrodynamic shape minimizes drag while keeping the screen clear. This SUP GPS features the same simplicity, ease-of-use, and reliability that have made Velocitek sailing instruments so popular.

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