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Raritan Marine Equipment


Raritan Marine Equipment

Of course, with toilet waste comes environmental responsibility and that is where the first electrochemical chlorinator was born. Raritan introduced a way to treat the toilet waste with a bottle of bleach long before any rules or regulations about boat toilets even existed. Granted in today's world it would not be proper but it was a step to try and protect the waters we boat in rather than having people discharge raw waste. By the time the Clean Water Act came to be Raritan had partnered with Diamond Shamrock and introduced a Type I Marine Sanitation Device that still substantially outperforms the Type I standard! The Electroscan is by far the most popular Type I device on the market today and remains a top choice for those that choose to be environmentally friendly. While it is legal to discharge overboard outside the 3 mile limit we find many choose to do so inside without treatment. Installing a Type I device ensures that you are not discharging raw sewage inside the 3 mile limit.

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