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Karver Sailboat Hardware and Sailing Equipment


Karver Sailboat Hardware and Sailing Equipment offer innovation has always been at the heart of the company, leading to 15 patents. Developed on the most prestigious racing boats, Karver's concepts have been adapted to bring ground breaking technologies to every sailor.

Karver blocks are safety, low friction, great designd and universal. Karver rope lashing blocks are far safer than traditional blocks, they are high working load and low friction ratio( titanium and cermic roller bearings). Karver blocks are the lightest and most efficient on the market. Karver block design has been simplified to the max to be used by everybody from the hard core racer to theweekend cruiser. Karver now offers the widest range of lashing blocks for boats from 2 to 70 meters.

Karver KJ Jammers is a true revolution by its performance, its shape, its technology and the way to use it. Developped to hold the most technical type of rope, it features a conical shpae, a release handle that needs to be pulled toward the user, and three jaws that grab the line 36°. The KJ can be purchased in three configuration: Complete set (bracket + conical mechanism), conical mechanism by itself, and conical mechanical in a carbon socket.