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Harken Genoa Lead & Tracks


Some people may ask, Why do I to adjust my genoa leads? If you are a cruiser, ball bearing genoa lead cars with multipart purchases allow you to quickly adjust loaded headsail leads from the cockpit. If you race, ball bearing lead cars let you quickly change your sheeting angle, adjusting the twist to optimize sail shape.

About Harken Dinghy Pinstop Jib Leads:
Harken Dinghy Pinstop Jib Leads are easy-to-adjust cars that combine a spring-loaded pinstop with precise track spacing. Use on dinghies and small sport boats with jibs up to 140 ft2 (13 m2). Cars are built of tough 6061-T6 aluminum that is Hard Lube-anodized for durability. Track is hardcoat-anodized. The 450 pinstop jib lead has a removable bail to attach a spring and block. The 452 bullseye lead has a controlled pivot angle so the cleat is always within easy reach. Use 451 bullseye cars when line deflection is small.

About Harken 22mm Small Boat Cars
Harken 22 mm Small Boat CB Adjustable Genoa Lead Cars feature recirculating Torlon ball bearings for easy adjustment under full sheet loads, Stainless steel sheave Harken Small Boat 22mm Genoa Lead Carscarriers pivot 60 degrees to accommodate changing lead angles. Wide sheave holds two sheets during sail changes. Cars feature car-mounted, axle-bearing control blocks for strength and durability. All Harken 22 mm Small Boat CB Genoa Lead Cars are compatible with Harken end controls. Kits are available for purchase upgrades up to 4:1.

Performance CB Adjustable
Sheave carriers feature high-performance sheaves with ball bearings to handle radial loads, while sideload balls handle thrust loads for easy trimming and fore and aft adjustment.

ESP CB Adjustable & Pinstop
Sheave carriers feature ESP axle-bearing sheaves. Use pinstop cars in applications where lead positions change infrequently. Pinstop and ball bearing genoa lead cars both run on ball bearing track, allowing you to upgrade your system without changing track. 

Features of all Harken Lead Cars:
Strong, Light Car Body - One-piece solid 6061-T6 aluminum construction for strength and durability. CNC sculpted to remove excess weight.

Captive Bearings - Wire guides keep balls captive, making cars easy to load and maintain. Guides circulate free-rolling Torlon® bearings smoothly under both high and low loads.

Long-Lasting Protective Finish - Car body and bearing races are deep-saturation Hard Lube-anodized and PTFE-impregnated for durability. UV-stabilized with black additive for maximum protection.

Harken Genoa Lead Features:
1. High-Performance Systems - Cars feature stand-up toggles with ears, allowing attachment of separate Carbo or Black Magic® ball or roller bearing control blocks for a free-running, high-performance system. Pair with Carbo ball bearing end controls for reduced friction and a smooth-running system.

2. ESP Systems - 27 mm Midrange and 32 mm Big Boat cars feature built-in, axle-bearing control blocks. Cars with car-mounted controls are value-oriented options for the installation of 2:1 to 5:1 systems. Pair with axle bearing ESP end controls for durability and strength.

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