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Selden Sailing Equipment

GX Furler<br>and Accessories
Selden GX Asymmetrical Spinnaker Furlers - Complete Kit
Code X<br>Furlers
Code X<br>Torque Rope Thimble
Code X<br>Double Rope Thimble
Continuous<br>Furling Line
Gennaker<br>Bow Brackets
2:1 Halyard Blocks for Code Zero
Brackets<br>Mast & Boom
Rodkicker<br>Boom Vangs
Reversible Winches
Backstay Flickers
Spin Poles<br>Aluminum (EFE)
Spin Poles<br>Aluminum (Trip)
Spin Poles<br>Aluminum Fittings
Spin Poles<br>Carbon (EFE)
Spin Poles<br>Carbon (Trip)
Spin Poles<br>Attachments
Spin Poles<br>Cars - RCB
Spin Poles<br>Composite Fittings
Spin Poles<br>Slides
Whisker Poles
Selden Track and Travellers
Selden Complementary Hardware
Selden Blocks
Selden Cleats and Accessories

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