Rigging: Shackles 

Shackles - Overview

For a quick solution for halyard attachment, we at Mauri Pro Sailing have an assortment of durable shackles to keep your halyard connected while you hoist and while you sail. With just a twist or a push of a button, the shackle can be opened for a quick attach or detach. If you working with a light sail, use the shackle guards to keep any accidental cuts or snatches. Shackle keys are available should you have any issues opening a shackle by hand after a long or cold day of sailing. Spool shackles and soft shackles are a lightweight solution to attach with little chance of snags or cuts. Technical assistance is available to help you make the right choice in shackle for whatever your situation.

Bar Shackles
Bow Shackles
D Shackles
Halyard Shackles
Infinite Loupes
J Lock Shackles
Link Shackles
Long D Shackles
Long Shackles
No Swivel Shackles
On Card Shackles
Open Shackles
Peeling Shackles
Pin Shackles
Shackle Guards
Shackle Keys
Snap Shackles
Soft Shackles
Spool Shackles
Stamped Shackles
Swivel Shackles
Tack Shackles
Twisted Shackles
U-Adaptor Shackles

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