Snap Shackles 

Snap Shackles - Overview

A shackle has to provide the security of connection between two parts. Its choice cannot be haphazard. Shackles available are made out of stainless steel and are designed hold and withstand the elements. Heavy duty plunger springs and precision components ensure dependable service. Body and hasp profiles are designed for easy clearance of lines and fittings when released.

Harken Shackles<br>Snap
Synchro<br>Snap Shackles
<br>Snap Shackles
Trunnion<br>Snap Shackles
Clevis Pin<br>HR Snap Shackles
Pin Swivel<br>HR Snap Shackles
Fixed Eye<br>HR Snap Shackles
Large Bail<br>HR Snap Shackles
No Swivel<br>HR Snap Shackles
Swivel Eye<br>HR Snap Shackles
Thimble Eye HR Snap Shackles
Web Swivel<br>HR Snap Shackles
Large Bail<br>Quick Release Snap
Swivel Eye<br>Quick Release Snap
Tack<br>Quick Release Snap
Speedlink Trigger Snap Shackle
Swivel Clevis Trigger Snap Shackle
Swivel Eye Trigger Snap Shackle

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