Selden Gennaker Bowsprits


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Extendable gennaker bowsprit. Sold as a kit for deck mounting. Just fit the two stainless steel pad eyes to the deck in line with the bow bracket. This bracket is a stainless ring with a low friction polyamide inner lining through which the bowsprit slides into the “active” position. After the gennaker is doused, the bowsprit can slide back and be secured to the aft eye. If required, it can be quickly removed and stowed securely below.

The kit includes: Aluminium or carbon bowsprit, inboard end fitting with plunger, outboard end fitting, 2 stainless steel pad eyes (508-750-01) and instructions

Product No. Material Diameter Max Length
072-072-70 Aluminum 72/72mm 2080mm
075-075-70 Aluminum 75/75mm 2230mm
087-087-70 Aluminum 87/87mm 2270mm
099-099-70 Aluminum 99/99mm 3160mm
120-120-70 Aluminum 120/120mm 3560mm
076-076-70 Carbon 76/76mm
088-088-70 Carbon 88/88mm 2997mm
089-089-70 Carbon 89/89mm 2997mm
101-101-70 Carbon 101/101mm 2997mm
120-120-90 Carbon 120/120mm 2997mm