Forespar 50/50 Carbon / Aluminum Combo LC 13-24 UTS-UTR

50/50 Carbon / Aluminum Combo LC 13-24 UTS-UTR


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Model LC 13-24 COMBO LC 13-24 COMBO
Inboard End Fittings UTS UTS
Outboard End Fittings UTR UTR
Recommended Mast Fittings T-125, AT-125 T-125, AT-125
Collapsed Length 162.00 in -
Collapsed Weight 34 lb -
Max Working Length 272.00 in -
Tubing Diameters 3 in & 3 1/2 in -
These Line Control™ Whisker poles offer just the right blend of aluminum and carbon structures to provide the racing or cruising sailor weight and cost savings. They have the strength and weight savings of carbon on the inner tube and the abrasion resistance, durability and cost savings of aluminum on the outer tube.

They also feature Forespar's exclusive "Ultra" end fittings (UTS socket inboard and UTR trigger outboard) for further weight reduction and ease of maintenance.

Part Number: 403203