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How to select proper Foul Weather Gear

90% of us sailor follow into the Coastal Cruiser or Club Racer category, 9% falls into Offshore cruising or racing, and less than 1% will consider themselves Ocean/Bluewater sailor.

That being said, foul weather gear should not be bought based on where you are sailing but on air or water temperature. Furthermore, sailors should purchase foul weather gear based on how many times you think you will be working on deck at three in the morning, watching the horizon, or being exposed to waves crashing over the deck. If the answer is none, then go with MX3 Coastal; if the answer is "all the time," then go with the MX7 Ocean, for anything in between, go with an MX5 Offshore jacket and trousers.

Before we point out how to select the correct jacket and trousers, let’s go with a statement:

“Your foul weather gear will not work without the appropriate layering system.”

Recommended Layering for: Coastal Sailing

  1. Base: Quick-dry shirt and shorts
  2. Mid Layer: Light Mid layer (Polartec or Fleece)
  3. Outer Layer: MX3 Coastal Jacket and Trouser

Recommended Layering for: Offshore Sailing

  1. Base: Tee and Short or Long underwear
  2. Mid Layer: Top Light Mid layer (Polartec or Fleece)
  3. Softshell: Pant and Jacket
  4. Outer Layer: MX5 Offshore Jacket and Trouser

Recommended Layering for: Ocean Sailing

  1. Base: Tee and Short or Long underwear
  2. Mid Layer: Top Light Mid layer (Polartec or Fleece)
  3. Softshell: Pant and Jacket
  4. Outer Layer: MX7 Offshore Jacket and Trouser

The recurrent question is, “how do I know what is Coastal, Offshore, or Ocean Sailing?”

Coastal sailing:

You go out on the bay, it is summer or spring (even fall), and you will continue sailing until sunset and then back to the dock. You rarely spend the night aboard your sailboat. There might be an occasional one-night summer cruising close to shore.

Offshore sailing:

Heading for a three-day offshore passage, land may not be in sight at all times, and you will push the boat through high winds and heavy seas. Cruising to Bermuda, a long passage in the eastern Caribbean, cruising into the Galapagos islands, or something less adventurous but still challenging.

Also, this is your appropriate dressing plan if you are a person that gets cold quickly.

Bottom line, you left the dock, and you must stay warm and comfortable as you can, seeing the bow going up and down through waves.

Ocean sailing:

Here is when sailing becomes a real adventure. How about heading from San Diego to the Marquesas Islands, or you leave in Seattle and are planning a sailing cruise to Alaska. How about rounding Cape Horn or heading from Newport to the Vizcaya Bay in France?

A "must" to be prepared for all weather conditions. Keeping yourself warm and dry through days and days of heavy weather is key to enjoying those long days at sea.

Also, even though not necessarily considered Ocean sailing, you can add into this scenario a boat delivery from Newport, RI, to Maine during the fall.

Choosing the correct MAURIPRO MX Foul Weather Gear

Before we detail all options, consider that your foul weather gear must breathe. It has to allow body moisture to come out while preventing water from coming in.

Modern sailing jackets and trousers are lighter than the ones from the 80s and ’90s, not only because the materials with less (for the same performance), but because we have realized that adding extra pockets prevents the garments from “breathing.” Heavy clothing and full of pockets may look fine, but a jacket that can keep you dry from the inside out is better.

MX3 Coastal

MAURIPRO MX3 Coastal. Exciting MAURIPRO MX3 performance and endurance foul weather gear.

  • Standard collar height
  • Standard back length
  • 100% Nylon
  • Zipper closure
  • Nylon outer Seratex shell; All zippers are nylon YKK-brand, and all have to pull tabs on them. There is an inner pocket for a wallet inside the jacket on the left side that measures 8-1/2" high by 7" deep and has a zipper closure.
  • Polyester eyelet lining; Heavy-duty 2-way nylon zip protected by a double storm flap.
  • Front pockets with storm flap & D ring; The sleeves and collar have a 3M retroreflective piping.
  • There are patches of retroreflective plastic material on the sleeves, shoulders, and on top of the hood.

MX5 Offshore

Exciting MAURIPRO MX5 performance and endurance foul weather gear.
MAURIPRO MX5 Offshore/Coastal 3 Layers range of sailing jackets is dedicated to you, the weekend sailor. Cruising around the bay on a cold day, heading offshore for a couple of days, or racing a point A to point B regatta? The MX5 will not disappoint you.

  • Mid Height Offshore collar for added protection
  • Long back for the seat and lower back protection
  • Made in Gore-Tex 3-layer fabrics with Warm Mesh Lining
  • Large front pockets with an easy access opening and plastic loop key inside to allow objects to be stowed away and accessed quickly
  • Fleece lined hand pockets, cleverly hidden behind front pockets
  • Chest pockets with water repellent zippers
  • Hidden pocket beneath the main opening flap to stow items safely with easy access, with no need to open the jacket fully
  • Inside pocket
  • Reflective stow away fluorescent hood with structured peak construction and back adjustment

MX7 Ocean

Non-compromise Ocean going jackets and trousers. It will be you against the elements; our MAURIPRO MX7 should become your best ally.

  • Ocean Height collar (high collar) for added protection
  • Long back for the seat and lower back protection
  • Articulated elbows and underarms for freedom of movement
  • Adjustable outer cuffs with neoprene inner cuffs provide near drysuit protection
  • Hardwearing CORDURA® patch on the seat with abrasion-resistant seam constructions
  • Photoluminescent reflectors glow in the dark to keep you visible at night
  • Double storm flap with a drainage channel over a 2-way YKK® zip for an impenetrable front closure
  • Two cargo pockets with water deflecting closures and four handwarmer pockets half lined with fleece

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