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How To Choose The Proper Sailing Glove

When sailing, safety is first. Protecting your hands at sea is important to keep up your performance during a long day cruising or racing. With the wrong gloves, you may be vulnerable from abrasion and blisters that often occur when handling lines. Sailing gloves provide extra grip and padding, as well as warmth in foul weather. Like any sailing gear, it’s important to consider the type of sailing you practice as well as your position on the boat.

How to choose the right kind of sailing gloves?
Finding the perfect fit is easy as long as you learn the main factors to consider before choosing:

Sailing Glove Styles
The primary use for sailing gloves is to protect your hands from rope burn and blisters. Traditional gloves offer reinforced palms and fingers to keep your hands guarded when pulling lines. Choose gloves based on the protection you need: fingerless which covers 3/4’s of the length of your fingers; 3-finger which cover the last three fingers completely and the thumb and first finger 3/4’s of the way; or the full finger option which cover all fingers and the thumb completely. When sailing in colder conditions, you will need gloves that supply warmth as well as hand protection. Glove liners offer additional insulation while winter gloves often supply waterproof warmth.

Boat Size
Bigger sails mean more pressure and make it harder to grip a line for an extended period of time. Smaller boats have smaller lines that can feel like dental floss on your hands, so you will need a different kind of protection for these.

Wet Performance
On extremely wet boats and especially on dinghies, leather gloves are not recommended because they get wet and are hard to dry, trapping water against the skin. Dinghy gloves offer protection for the palm and have a breathable, quick-drying material on the top of the hand and fingers designed especially for this type of boat.

Sailing Glove Sizing Information
Take this sizing table as reference while choosing the right Sailing gloves for your sailboat needs. Measure all the way around your hand at its fullest point:

Inches Centimeters
Child / XX-Small 5 12.7
Junior / X-Small 6 15.3
SMALL 7 17.8
MEDIUM 8 20.3
LARGE 9 22.9
X-LARGE 10 25.4
2X-LARGE 11 28.0

We at MAURIPRO Sailing constantly go on-to adventures and test the products we sell to help you and all sailors worldwide about selecting the proper sailing gear for their on the water needs.

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