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Wichard Snatch Blocks

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Fited to a pad eye or toe rail Wichard Snatch Blocks are highly useful for taking up a rope that is already reeved. The elastomer moulded cheeks make them shock and scratch-resistant.

Each one is fitted with a snap shackle which allows them to move freely in any position.

With its forged high-resistance stainless steel arm, the closing system is very strong. It can be opened very easily by pulling on the central plunger pin, as you would do with a normal snap shackle.

  • Very strong closing system.
  • Easy opening by simply pulling on the plunger pin.
  • Shock and scratch-resistant thanks to the elastomer moulded cheeks.

MAURIPRO Sailing is committed to offering Wichard Snatch Blocks for the best sailboat equipment to our customers. Chat with us if you have any questions. We are here to help!