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Sail smart with Cyclops SmartToggle!

In this new era, technology is part of our everyday life. Sailing couldn't be out of place, and for this reason, Cyclops developed a series of load sensing for yachts and dinghies to help the next generation sailors to advance to the next level.

In this article, we will introduce you to the new Cyclops SmartToggle and the most interesting features it offers. But firstly…

How does it work?

Load data is wirelessly transmitted to the Smartphone App, or via a Cyclops Gateway to your boat’s onboard displays. As a toggle, it also ensures optimal furling performance every time since it is waterproof beyond IP67 and it is designed with astonishing working loads. SmartToggle devices won't break till far beyond their maximum working loads and are tested to destruction.

What can you do with a SmartToggle?

  • Integrate it and store multiple sensors (such as Smartune and Smartlink) to log loads for post-sail analysis.
  • Set up the app for it to speak the value of loads to allow the measurement without looking at any screen.

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