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Traveler Systems

Traveler Systems

Proper trimming on a larger boat is difficult when your mainsheet tackle is always set in the center of the deck. Switching over to effective Traveler Systems & Tracks will allow you to adjust the position of the mainsheet tackle, making it easier to keep your boom over the center when sailing a closed hull. The right mainsail traveler will run smoothly, tack cleanly and be easy to trim. Reduce your weather helm and heel by adjusting your traveler position while trimming your mainsail on your sailboat. While most mainsail working loads are fairly predictable, it is easy to overlook "shock" loads that may be experienced by a traveler system. Jibing, for example, can produce shock or impact loads well beyond normal sailing loads, as can the flogging of a boom and mainsail during reefing. Doesn't matter if you race or cruise, because not only does the sheeting angles from the traveler system reduce heel, it also makes for a more comfortable and efficient ride.

Replacing Parts on your Traveler System
When looking for a replacement part for your sailboat Traveler System, it is important to know the size track and the manufacturer of the system. Traveler cars are not interchangeable between the manufacturers as the traveler cars are designed specifically for the same system track. Once you have determined the manufacturer of your sailboat traveler systems, the next step is to measure the height and the width of the track. Taking these measurements of the traveler track will help you determine the size traveler system in place.

Modifications to your current Traveler System
If you are having difficulties pulling in the traveler car by hand, switching the traveler car and control ends out for a model with more sheaves can assist by easing your adjustments. Adding sheaves or blocks to the traveler system will allow you to build a purchase system that will give you the mechanical advantage to trim the traveler car out with greater ease.

Maintaining your Sailboat Traveler System
It is highly recommended to rinse off your traveler system with fresh water every couple of months, or more frequently if sailing in a saltwater environment. The freshwater rinse will help prevent any sort of buildup between the ball bearings and traveler track. If the traveler system & track starts to feel gritty, we recommend cleaning the track with soap and water. Place the soap on the traveler track and run the traveler car over the soap to clean the bearing. After the track is dry, place McLube One Drop lubricant on the track and run the traveler car over that lubricated section of the traveler track for thirty seconds to completely restore the smooth run on your sailboat traveler system. If cleaning and lubrication do not solve the problem, inspect the traveler's car and track for damaged sections that may need to be replaced.

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